Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More Card Crafting Fun!

Last Thursday was our monthly card crafting day with my sister in law and two friends. it was scheduled for the week before but that was the day it snowed and since many of the schools were closed, we decided it was probably wise to postpone for a week.

We have been having so much fun playing with sketches that we find on Pinterest. The previous two months we chose a sketch and all made our cards from the same sketch. It was interesting to see the different ways we interpreted the sketch. This month we each just selected our own sketch and came up with a card or two to share with the others.

Here are some of the beautiful cards we made.

Not only do we have a great time of laughing, chatting, and fellowshipping we always end up with five or six new cards by the end of the day!

And now we are officially on "baby watch." Our new little granddaughter is scheduled to arrive any day now. This Nana is excited!

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