Friday, January 29, 2016

To Babble Again

It is hard to believe that it has been 5+ years since my last entry.  Intentions are great, but sometimes life gets in the way and we don't really get to do some of the things we want to do.  Writing a blog was one of those things.  But here it is 2016 and lots of things have changed.  Since I retired last June, I have been thinking about starting a new.  What would it be?  What would it include?  But then I realized that this blog was indeed a reflection of the kind of blog I would need.  And as I reread my original post   as to why I named it "Babbling Brook" I realized it was still true:  "Some days I just feel like sharing thoughts - no particular topic, no particular purpose. Just thoughts that ramble through my mind like a brook rambles through the countryside. Hence, the name "Babbling Brook," a blog where I can ramble if I want or write with a purpose. A blog that is not centered about a central theme, such as sharing of family, but one in which I can just share my heart - or not - as the mood strikes."

So here we are, already one month into the year 2016 and I am again attempting to put my thoughts into a blog. In June, 2015, I retired from my career in education after completing 10 years as the director/administrator of Wonder Club Early Learning Centers, one of the ministries of Water Street Mission.  While I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, I realized that God was calling me to close out that chapter of life and I had, of course, reached the age of retirement. The last six months have been ones of rest and adjusting to life at a somewhat slower pace.  I have enjoyed having more time to devote myself to creative pursuits, particularly in making cards. More of that in future blogs.

This week we have been dealing with the biggest blizzard ever know in this area.  We had 30+ inches of snow.  Here is a picture from up the street looking back at our house.  It was a beautiful sight. It is especially pretty when one doesn't have to get up and go out into it to go to work!