Friday, February 6, 2009

Snowy Surprise!

So I'm not too great at keeping up my blog on a daily or even a weekly basis, but life sure is busy and I guess this blog is not top priority. Keeping up with the daily demands of a full time job, coming home to fix dinner, etc., etc. and also trying to occasionally post on the blog I started for recording memories from myself and my siblings . . . well, enough with the excuses!

I love surprises! And it is especially neat to realize that I have been given a special surprise from my heavenly Father. In spite of the inconvenience of the surprise snowstorm this week, I did enjoy looking out and enjoying the beauty of that 12 inches of snow we received. And it is still beautiful in our area three days later.

I'm not a weather person - I usually ask my wonderful hubby what the weather for the day will be when I am getting dressed in the morning. However, in my position as director of a preschool and kindergarten program, one of my tasks is to make the decision whether or not we will have a delay or cancellation, so I pay pretty close attention to the possible advent of snow in the wintertime. So on Tuesday as the weatherman was calling for flurries throughout the day, I wasn't too concerned. Even when Elvin came home about 7 in the evening and said it was snowing rather heavily, I really wasn't too concerned. But as I listened to the nightly news at 11 before going to bed, I heard the weatherman talking about this strange weather anomaly that was occurring where it was snowing at the rate of 2-3 inches per hour in a very narrow band of about an 8 mile width in part of Lancaster County that included Lititz and Manheim Township, I paid attention. I looked out the window and sure enough it was snowing and there were several inches on the ground.

But it was still a big surprise to wake up Wednesday morning and see 12 inches in our backyard. It was a light, fluffy snow and the trees were hanging heavy with snow, but it was oh so beautiful. I was reminded once again, that try as we might man does not control the weather and even our wonderful modern technology misses the boat occasionally. God was in control and He decided to surprise us by covering the earth with the beauty of the freshly fallen snow. He baffled even the weatherman who could neither predict that we would have so much snow or figure out exactly why it was such a narrow area that was hit. After making the early morning calls to the staff and calling the radio and TV stations and calling for a two hour delay, it was wonderful to step outside and take in the beauty all around me. Even the long slow drive (twice as long as normal) to my 8:30 meeting gave me time to enjoy the snowy surroundings.